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Dear Readers…

In Second Life, we all have inventories.  Some are intimately acquainted with theirs, spending hours shopping and putting things away in just the right folder…others have a ‘received folder’ that could outfit a small country.  I personally lie somewhere in the middle.  Shopping in SL is a passion for me, with so much creativity coursing through the virtual world there are literally endless possibilities.  This leaves me with things to sort daily and no real place to appreciate them properly.  Which brings me to this blog, a place for me to document these inventory issues and share them with you!

The posts will not be limited to clothing, as I am an avid gacha maniac and interior decorator in world I am sure some of that will seep into the posts here.  As well as picture taking and SL travel.  (If you have LMs to beautiful/interesting sims, drop me a line!)

I appreciate your time in checking out my little corner of the interwebs, and look forward to bringing lots of the fun and funky SL has to offer.